About Lima

We believe that movement is joy and are committed to restore the eMotion of Motion through orthopedics.

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We are global orthopedics company, focused on digital innovation and tailored hardware, which advances patient centered care. Our technological solutions are developed by an enthusiastic team to empower surgeons, and to improve patient outcomes from joint replacement surgery

Pioneering Vision For over 50 years Lima has been working alongside surgeons to chart new territory in medical technology.

From 3D printing of Titanium implants to Point of Care manufacturing on hospital grounds and sensor-based surgical guidance solutions, we live at the forefront of total joint replacement

Passion and people We are rapidly growing global business, but the bonds that we create with partners and colleagues still feel like family.
We offer surgeons more than a partnership. We offer a uniquely personal experience driven by a shared goal. At Lima, our people and their passion are the difference: relationship are real, the management is involved and answers are fast.
Italian design and engineering heritage Where innovation meets expertise and an unparalled commitment to quality
We are proud of our heritage, over 75 years from our formation, our commitment to precision and quality remains. Our innovation is grounded in decades of rigorous processes, clinical research and manufacturing expertise. Our commitment to surgeons and their patients is underlined by the fact that we precision test every single product we manufacture.