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Evolved Modularity

LimaCorporate is a true pioneer in the modularity field: SMR has been the first to address multiple indications of shoulder replacement with a unique modular system, and its options keeps evolving towards the future, extending indications and improving outcomes.


Reliable Fixation

SMR can provide multiple fixation strategies -cement, press-fit, TT bone ingrowth both on humerus and on glenoid side and they are all proved to be reliable.


Proven Performance

Proven results make SMR having one of the widest clinical heritage among all the shoulder replacements worldwide.


LimaCorporate’s SMR System offers excellent solutions to treat proximal humeral fractures with Hemi and Reverse arthroplasty [1-3].

& Options

SMR Trauma All LimaCorporate’s SMR System stems (cementless and cemented) can be combined with the trauma humeral bodies, which have suture holes dedicated to tuberosities reattachment.


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SMR TT Hybrid Glenoid - US only Surgical Technique US only

SMR TT Hybrid Glenoid - US only - One Page Flyer US only

9013-49-000 VER-02 - SMR Shoulder Prosthesis Instrument Set Card

SMR System - US only - Mach2 Surgical Technique US only

Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty for Proximal Humeral Fractures - JP US only Flyer JP-US only

9-9013-49-000-R VER-02 - SMR Shoulder Prosthesis Instrument Set Card


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