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SMR TT Hybrid Glenoid



Soft Tissue Management

The wide range of sizes, mismatch options and thicknesses make SMR TT Hybrid Glenoid appropriate for soft tissue balancing.


Convertible Glenoid

SMR TT Hybrid Glenoid is invertible to reverse without the central peg removal.


Reliable Fixation

The 3D printed Trabecular Titanium central peg enhances primary and biological fixation. Poly peripheral pegs are also cemented.


LimaCorporate’s SMR TT Hybrid Glenoid is the first glenoid component with hybrid fixation convertible from anatomic to reverse.

& Options

SMR TT Hybrid Glenoid LimaCorporate’s SMR TT Hybrid Glenoid is designed to allow a proper soft tissue management and to increase joint stability.


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