19 Aug_2022

LimaCorporate and Siemens partner up to transform the orthopedic industry

LimaCorporate is a pioneer in 3D printing technology and we are extremely proud of our efforts to transform the orthopedic industry.
We would like to share this video, filmed by Siemens Digital Industries Software, a long-standing development partner who helped us improve the way we manage CAD design and the preparation of 3D-printing jobs and TT lattice generation.

In the video, Michele Pressacco, Vice President of Research and Development, Riccardo Toninato, Additive Manufacturing Manager, and Muhammad Naeem Ul Hassan, Senior Additive Manufacturing engineer explain the evolution of our manufacturing technique that led to the introduction of LimaCorporate’s proprietary Trabecular Titanium Technology.

For more insight into our partnership with Siemens watch the full video here:

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