29 Jan_2021

[Digitization and Lean Processes for a more efficient Supply Chain]

LimaCorporate is the first Healthcare company to adopt SATO’s new generation PJM RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) applied before sterilization for the reading and recognition of implantable products.

This intelligent self-tuning technology allows you to store data within particular electronic labels or tags, applied to the object to which they refer. By placing a large number of "tagged" objects near special device readers, exploiting the radio waves they emit, it is possible to read quickly and remotely all data simultaneously.

For years, we have been applying lean thinking to production, warehouse, and distribution processes, in search of sustainable improvements and benefits. Since November 2020, on the wave of Industry 4.0, and after the success of a pilot project demonstrating the potential of the technology and the possibility of increasing process productivity by 50%, we have begun to insert these electronic labels inside the packaging of our products. 

Today, we are the first company in the world to use SATO PJM RFID tags capable of withstanding gas or ray sterilization processes. The tags can then be applied to the products during the production process, before sterilization, improving and accelerating logistical production and distribution activities, and streamlining operations.
The impact of this technology on the efficiency of the supply chain process will help us in terms of simplification and reliability.

The RFID technology will help us in making our processes leaner, allowing us to deliver important benefits to our partners worldwide.

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